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 Why Me? 

“Loved how personal it was and not incredibly crowded like the bigger touring companies” Lucy, London

Grafitti tunnel Dutch family.jpg

Why choose me?

Good question. 

There are other London bike tours out there, but I can offer you a few things that are unique...

You always get me

My bike tours are always led by me, which means a personal, bespoke service from beginning to end.  


Small groups

I only take groups of up to 8 people, which makes it easier to stay together and to see far more of London than your typical bike tour.

Sights AND secrets

You will get to see the main sights, but my tours are much more than that.  I like to delve into some of the unknown but fascinating parts of London that other tours don't reach!  Experience London as a living breathing city, its heart beating warm.

Your personal concierge

I'll be your guide for your entire London stay; before, during and after your tour.  From the most amazing bars and restaurants to the best place to enjoy a coffee, I have come across some pretty inspiring places on my cycles around London over the years.  I'll be happy to share these with you and answer any questions you may have (including making bookings on your behalf) to ensure your experience of London is even better. 

Back streets & quiet routes

We cycle through as many quiet back streets as possible, which makes it more relaxed. From serene parks to river paths, I've chosen routes that are bike-friendly and calm.

Comfortable British-made bikes

My bikes are made by British bike company Raleigh, and are designed to be comfortable and easy to ride.  There is no cross bar, which makes it easier to hop on and off. 

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