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“Owain is a hugely likeable, friendly chap and his delivery is entertaining as well as informative”  Lisa, Edinburgh

Owain Davies_edited.jpg

“He took pictures throughout the tour and then sent them to us - so nice”

Mary, USA

About Owain

I'm a Londoner who can't wait to show you what's so special about this city.  Jam-packed full of culture, history, energy and vibe it's a great place to live and a fascinating place to explore, especially by bike. 

I used to work in IT and in my spare time I would enjoy giving friends guided tours of London when they came to visit.   Having cycled every inch of the city for ten years, I asked myself 'What would I like to experience in London, knowing everything I've learnt this last decade?'  And Red Bike Tours was born.  I went on all the main bike tours as research, and found that they go to most of the same places, so I quickly realised I could offer something rather unique.  

Since then I’ve made it my mission to discover even more remarkable things about London, which I’d really like to share with you.  Every spare weekend would find me on two wheels, figuring out routes, facts and places that I found fascinating (and figured other people would too).

In summary, I’ve created the kind of bike tours I’d want to do myself – small groups, back streets, hidden secrets and surprising stories.  Choose me as your guide and I’ll help you delve beneath the surface and reveal a side of London you never knew was there…

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